In the admin panel, there are four options for handling the delivery of messages flagged as spam:

  1. Delete spam.
  2. Deliver messages flagged as spam.
  3. Forward spam to another account.
  4. Move spam to a folder on the server.

To configure spam delivery for a mailbox in the admin panel:

  1. In the list of mail accounts, click Modify for the account you want to configure.
  2.  Click Spam Control.
  3. Check the box next to SpamAssassin to enable spam filtering.
  4. In the Spam Delivery section, select the appropriate radio button for deletion, forwarding, delivering or moving spam to a folder.
  5. Click the Modify Email Account button.

Note that the selection to move spam to a folder on the server is different from setting up a rule in Microsoft Outlook to move messages flagged as spam to a local Outlook folder. To move messages to a local folder in Outlook, you would choose to deliver messages marked as spam and then set up a rule in Outlook to handle messages with the rewritten subject.